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News from South Sudan!

A quick post to say that Jacob returned from South Sudan in mid-July after a successful two weeks in Juba and Bor Town.  We have details to share in the coming weeks, but here are a couple of quick snapshots.  He saw family, met with government leaders about permits and construction plans, and worshiped with the Episcopal Church community.  

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ASC's school in Bor to be named "Akechkuai Living Hope School"

In their first meeting of 2018, the Africa Sunrise Communities (ASC) Board of Directors welcomed new members and approved conceptual plans for a new school in Bor, South Sudan. The school will be built on land recently acquired by ASC on the "Airport Road" in Bor.  ASC announced their land acquisition on this page in April of this year, here.  At their meeting on May 19th, the Board:

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After This Devastating News, What's Next?

As the world looked on the November 13 Paris attacks in horror, another horror was occurring in South Sudan. Rebel forces swept through Maar Village killing women, children, and the elderly without heed. ASC’s President, Jacob Thon Guot lost 23 family members and another 80 people in the village were wounded. Thousands of people have fled the area.

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