Developing Schools

ASC seeks to establish English language classes in refugee camps in the Kiryandongo district of Uganda.

Project Details:

60% of the refugee population in these camps is under age 15 and the vast majority are illiterate even in their native tongue. ASC seeks to provide education with the main goal of reducing illiteracy. The major partners already working in in education within the camp are Windle Trust (the lead agency in provision of education services), Save the Children and Transcultural Psychology Organization (both agencies working in early care and childhood development), and Real Medicine Foundation (which provides vocational training and educational services.)
ASC will work alongside these agencies in the refugee camp by providing English language classes for elementary children ages 5-14. Classes will be made up of 12 students each, offering instruction in grades 1-8. We will begin by recruiting five local teachers and providing them with further training if needed to receive their certification. There are a few teachers already working with the UN, but the UN is unable to pay teachers enough to live on, so we will supplement the existing salaries. 
Initial costs will include: 
  • Teacher certification and salary
  • Textbooks and school supplies
  • Uniforms for the children
  • Food and a cook for lunches
  • Security guard
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