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Our Mission


The mission of Africa Sunrise Communities is restoring communities, empowering refugees, and reconciling relationships in East Africa.

For decades, civil war has ravaged the lands of east Africa.  Since the beginning of conflict in 1983, over 2 million people have died in Sudan and Ethiopia.  Twice that number have been displaced. Africa Sunrise Communities seeks to empower refugees in East Africa through education to give them hope and a future.


Goals for a Lasting Impact

  1. Comprehend: The cultural context of South Sudan has changed significantly since I last lived in the area. Working alongside the refugee center will familiarize me with the changes in culture and attitudes.
  2. Cooperate: We will build friendships with the UNHCR, Red Cross, and other NGOs and non-profits who are already working with the refugees. We will be working alongside these groups and their experience can help us develop effective schools.
  3. Connect: We will establish connections with key government, religious, and community leaders. This includes registering ASC with the government as a local business. Many doors can be opened when these influential people are supportive of our cause. 
  4. Coordinate: We will help connect people to existing social services and create avenues for needed services. It is important to know what social services already exist so that our efforts are not duplicating services but enhancing them.
  5. Cultivate: Rev. Jacob Guot will establish himself as a leader across ethnic lines and on both sides of the conflicts. Our cause is to unite the people of East Africa and cultivate peace.

Our Values

  • An educated population is an empowered one
  • Even one individual can make a difference for good
  • Leadership of a community should come from within
  • We work within and respect the cultural traditions of East Africa