The shoeshine boy wants to go to school

Boy in Bor shining shoes

Boy in Bor shining shoes.

We heard about the shoeshine boy in Bor in one of Jacob’s accounts of his trip there last January. This enterprising youngster is one of Africa Sunrise’s prospective students, insofar as he has expressed an interest in being in school but said his parents cannot afford to send him to school right now.

This is not surprising.  UNICEF estimates that in 2016 as many as 70% of children in South Sudan are not in school. The circumstances causing this problem have only gotten worse.  The issues include lack of schools, lack of pay and training for school teachers, and parents who do not have the ability to pay school fees. 

South Sudan faces many problems as a young country, but there is a great risk that a whole generation o

Shoeshine boy in Bor.

Shoeshine boy in Bor.

f South Sudanese children will miss receiving a proper education.  This can only lead to longer term economic stagnation, unrest, and dependence on the international community. 

Will you help us build a school for “the shoeshine boy” and the next generation of leaders in South Sudan?


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